Women on Water
of Columbia Yacht Club

Women have been seen in growing numbers on the waters of Lake Michigan and in the clubs that support on the water recreation for a while now. But something appears to be missing. Perhaps as one takes a look around the clubs and boats, behind the wheels and engines and boardrooms – there seems to be a small lack of… women! 


Thus, Columbia Yacht Club is proud to have our very own Women on the Water chapter! WOW organizations have been appearing in growing numbers across the United States and are places for women 

of all ages to go, learn and share their experiences with other like-minded women of all ages. 


Here at Columbia, the Women of the Abegweit (or Abby WOW’s as we like to be known) provide a place for our members to grow, network, mentor and develop practices for our entire club membership. We offer exciting opportunities in some of the following areas: 

  • Engaging on a variety of topics for both on the water and off the water activities 

  • Hands-on programming in areas you feel you need more practice in 

  • Building confidence to get out on the water under any weather circumstances 

  • Racing as part of the “afterguard” 

  • Developing public speaking/participation skills 

  • Youth mentorship 

  • Growing in to leadership roles as Committee Chairs, Directors and future Flag Officers 

  • Promoting efforts to protect the waters of our great Lake Michigan 


But most importantly, making new friends and throwing great parties! 

Columbia Yacht Club, Chicago, IL 60601

Tel: 312-938-3625, wow@colyc.org

©2018 Columbia Yacht Club Women on the Water

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